Drops of green are a band of five Irish men hailing from Laois, Kilkenny and Waterford.
Formed in early 2015, they are quickly building a fan base both home and abroad. Combining a vast of instrumentation with blissful four part harmonies, they cover all of your favorite Irish melodies within the shows set list. Bringing their own unique and modern style to all of these classic Irish ballads, along with a wealth of tradition, storytelling and passion, their show is a must see for Irish music fans young and old alike.
Drops of Green are very excited to release their latest album “When the Time Comes”.
This album is a mix of great ballads that have stood the test of time with a drops of green twist, and some new material.

Seo Linn’s performances superbly blend together the old and the new, mixing Irish traditional instruments and songs with pop-folk music, with the native Irish language (an Ghaeilge) meandering flawlessly in and out of their set.

Seo Linn met in the rolling hills of Connemara in the West of Ireland. With 3 elementary school teachers in the band, the boys taught the Gaelic Irish language to students in Galway for years before deciding to record famous pop songs in the language, even recording YouTube videos to go with the songs. After these videos received unprecedented attention worldwide, garnering over 35 million hits to date, the boys decided to form a band and take their music on the road. Today Stiofán, Keith, Kev and Daithí are accomplished musicians who have played everything from festivals to headline shows to sports arenas.

The first and main Irish Folk Rock band from Italy… as well as a great bunch of lads! (if you get the quote, you’re in the right place)

Formed back in 2007, the Dirty Bastards play Irish folk rock but spicing it up it with pure Traditional Irish Music. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, Irish flute: there are few others bands in the folk/rock scene that could compete with the Bastards in terms of deep knowledge of pure Irish Traditional Music and Irish culture and society.

As written in a review of the latest album, “Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards don’t pretend to be Irish. […] They are showing “huge gratitude and all the due respect to Irish music and culture”. They are really Ireland’s adopted sons and have brought a new breeze to the European Celtic punk/rock scene.”

In 2015 only, the band played more than 90 gigs all over Europe, including shows at Oranjerock Festival (10.000 people), Celtica in Italy (30.000 people) and many others huge events. Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards are currently working to the new album, to be released on 2016, and planning a full year of gigs at home and abroad!
festival irlandese degli Stati Uniti. Negli ultimi anni la band ha totalizzato oltre 400 concerti in tutto il mondo, partecipando a eventi quali Rock the Ring e Toggenburg Irish Festival(Svizzera), Aymon Folk Festival (Francia), Sjock Festival (Belgio) e molti altri, oltre ad avere condiviso il palco con Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Kensington, Volbeat, Frank Turner e The Dubliners.

Nel 2022, per celebrare i primi 15 anni di attività, pubblicano con l’etichetta inglese Angel Air Records la compilation The Story So Far, che raccoglie dodici canzoni originali e un’inedita versione di Molly Maguires come bonus track.

A lesson-show for guitar and vocals
with Enrico Terrinoni and Fabio Pedone

In the Irish culture, the “popular ballads” are of the utmost importance: they’re often anonymous poems, whose origin is lost in the centuries, which are accompanied by fluid melodies that adapt them to different purposes and contexts. In the Irish folk tradition, heart-wrenching ballads take turns with protest songs that have a fast-moving rhythmic texture. The mixture of high and low, popular and cultured, is peculiar in this type of artistic expression; thus a space is created in which the individual and lyrical intent becomes the heritage of a community, and private troubles acquire a general echo in which the performers are free to give their personal interpretation to the execution.
The lesson-show will be a journey through the masterpieces of this type of ballads, either traditional and original: a musical performance that will evoke literature, history, themes of conflict, Celtic folklore. Each song/ballad will be briefly presented by the duo on stage, who will offer elements of both literary and musical interpretation, with a particular focus on the lyrics.

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