SPIRIT OF IRELAND st patrick’s day may your glass be ever full

venerdì 15, sabato 16 e domenica 17 marzo Spirit si veste di verde per festeggiare insieme il famoso San Patrick’s Day.

Durante tutte le tre giornate saranno protagonisti di Spirit espositori di artigianato a tema, workshop di danze irlandesi, sessioni musicali e angoli culinari in cui si potranno gustare prodotti e pietanze irlandesi. Si potranno degustare i migliori whiskey e un tipico Irish brunch.

The events at the Spirit de Milan and its magical atmosphere are o en reported in the news and in the social media, thanks to our self-produced videos and photo galleries. Our press office, Parole e Dintorni, always support the events’ communication, and bring reporters and TV crews to our events without much effort.
an authentic Irish experience in Milan
During the whole period Spirit will host a market place, an Irish dance workshop, Irish folk music and Irish food corners, where you’ll taste original dishes and products. There will be a corner dedicated to whisky tasting and another one where to find the typical Irish brunch. The special guest band for the three nights of event will be The Cuig, winners of the “Best New Irish Band” award. Other bands will entertain our guests, such as the Shamrock Band and the Green Circle, with their vast repertoire of folk music. Last but not least, we’ll have the Irish folk dances, performed by Gens d’Ys.
Irish food. Oysteer bar
St Patrick’s Day is not only related to Guinness beer: our guests will taste and appreciate the best dishes of typical Irish cuisine such as fish & chips, Irish Guiness stew, colcannon and baked potatoes, and their sweet tooth will be delighted with mouth-watering desserts prepared with the iconic beer.
Guinness Mustache
A picture of an exact moment: the one of printed mustache of all those who will drink a pint of Guinness. Guests will be happy to share the photos and tell the experience on social media.



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