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Launched on St Patrick’s Day 2013 at the Mayor of London Festival in Trafalgar Square, Fusion Fighters is a performance company and online community that is anchored by Irish dance but features a fusion of styles and influences. For the past 10 years they have branched away from what has become the typical Irish dance experience in order to evolve for a modern audience while still preserving their traditions . 

The Fusion Fighters community has rapidly grown to be one of the largest and most influential dance communities in the world, with over 600,000 followers and achieving over 500,000,000 video views. Also earning them the YouTube creator award of 100,000 followers in 2021, the first Irish Dance group in the world to do so.

Fusion Fighters performance crew is made up of over 30 professional dancers, musicians and instructors around the world who provide entertainment for Performances, Workshops and Video Campaigns.

Level: Absolute Beginners
length 90 mins - price 30 euros + 15 euros reduced tickets for Spirit of Ireland (+1 drink inlcuded)

The performance style workshop dedicated to Absolute Beginners is aimed at those who want to approach solo Irish dance, even without any previous experience of it. The hour and a half lesson, scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, will let the participants learn a simple choreography with typical elements of Irish dance and body percussion, with a surprisingly fusion result. It is recommended for those who have little to no experience of Irish dancing or for those who have less than a year of experience in solo Irish dancing. Heavy shoes are not required.

On Saturday 16 the lesson start at 2.00 pm

On Sunday 17 the lesson start at 3.00 pm

Level: Expert
length 90 mins - price 30 euros + 15 euros reduced tickets for Spirit of Ireland (+1 drink inlcuded)

The performance style workshop dedicated to Expert Dancers is aimed at those who already have experience of solo Irish dancing (approximately from primary level upwards) and have mastered the use of heavy shoes. Body percussion and steps outside the box will create a group performance with a surprising rhythm. Designed as a two-days journey, the workshop can be attended for one day only. The use of heavy shoes is recommended.

On Saturday 16 the lesson start at 3.30 pm

On Sunday 17 the lesson start at 4.30 pm

If you register for both classes on the same day, the class package is discounted to 50 euros (+15 euros reduced ticket for Spirit of Ireland - 1 drink included)

NB: Registration fees and evening tickets are non-refundable.

Chris Naish

Chris Naish launched the company after touring extensively with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman for over 15 years. Chris also achieved solo accolades of Regional, National, European and All Ireland Champion, as well as becoming World Champion for team performances. As well as organising his own dance camp ‘Fusion Dance Fest/ FF Summer Showcase’, Chris has taught hundreds of workshop around the world and choreographed for many shows, dance camps and festivals including ‘Studio2Stage’, ‘Camp Rince Ceol’, ‘Hammerstep’, ‘Sneaky Steppers’, ‘Amsterdam Tap Fest’ and many more. Chris has also been named as one of the most influential Irish dancers in the world by Irish Central Magazine. 

Amy Costello

“I started Irish dancing when I was 6, and my love for it has grown every day since. I have been fortunate enough to compete at both a National and International level, most notably competing at the World Championships on several occasions. I began dancing professionally with Fusion Fighters in 2019,. I am really looking forward to meeting you all in Milan during the St. Patrick’s weekend!


 “I began dancing at the age of four and quickly fell in love with it. I have competed for many years in Feiseanna all over the world, including many times at the World Championships. I joined Fusion Fighters in 2020 and I have been lucky to experience many amazing opportunities on National Television and prestigious venues across Europe. I was promoted to become one of the Fusion Fighters workshop instructors and I have taught at the Fusion Fighters Summer Camp as well as many performance workshops and festivals. I now enjoy teaching our innovative and unique style of dance to dancers all over the world. 

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